coincidence setup 巧合裝置

Geiger counters, electronic board, data projectors, motors, carbon fibre,plastic board, code. 蓋革計數器、電路板、投影機、馬達、碳纖維、塑膠瓦楞板、程式編碼。

coincidence setup is dedicated to the idea of coincidence —and the question of how to understand what is coincidence and what not.The fact that two events can take place exactly in the same time is sometimes translated into the belief that there is no reason for such contemporaneity, if not some kind of chance.A so-called coincidence circuit is made of 2 Geiger counters, which is supposed to detect particles from cosmic showers—so-called muons.In the installation in B34, the experimental set-up of a coincidence circuit is connected to a modular display made by 2 groups of vertical louvers, reaching from ceiling to floor. A computer controlled motor is mounted to each louver to rotate it around its axis.The regular kinetic choreography will be disturbed by events supposed to be related to cosmic showers detected by the coincidence circuit.The movements of the louvers are visible also as shadows—a kind of circuit of 2nd degree, where the physical is dematerialized into the shape of a projection.One of the main aims of this part of the installation complex is to focus the tension between the representation of pre-set events, and the possibility of interruptions in their representation—so that observers can suddenly imagine to have misunderstood or misallocated the object of their observation.

巧合裝置的創作概念是「巧合」─探討的是如何瞭解何謂「巧合」這件事。事實上,當兩件事完全在同一個時 間地點發生時,這經常會被如此解讀:如果不是因為某種機會,這種當下性也沒有理由成立。名為「巧合」的 電路裝置是由兩個蓋格計數器所組成,其所要偵測的目標為宇宙太陽風粒子─即所謂的渺子。「巧合電路」的 實驗裝置與兩組直立百葉窗所組成的構件聯結,樹立範圍從天花板至地板。每一組百葉窗皆裝置由電腦控制的 馬達,以此控制百葉窗的運作。百葉窗規律的運行將受巧合裝置所偵測到與宇宙波有關的事件所干擾。天窗的 運行連帶影響其影子的變化──作為一種次級迴路,其外型將被去物質化而呈現投影的外形。這個裝置最主要 的目標,聚焦於一種介於「前置事件之再現」與「其再現受干擾的可能性」兩者之間的壓力。於是,觀者可以 想像自己可能對他們所觀察的對象產生誤解、錯置。

coincidence setup 巧合裝置

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Installation at MOCA Studio, Taipei (Taiwan), October 8 to November 20, 2011:

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