RALF BAECKER [1977 Duesseldorf, Germany]; lives in Berlin

Studied Computer Science (University of Cologne) and Media Arts (Academy of Media Arts Cologne); 2007 - 2008 research assistant at Bauhaus University Weimar; 2010 – 2011 teaching position at University of the Arts Bremen


2011 Production stipend, Dock e.v./Schering Stiftung, Berlin D; Honorary mention “VIDA 13.0 Art & Artificial Life Award”, Madrid ES 2010; Working stipend, Edith-Russ-Haus, Oldenburg D 2009; Honorary mention Share Prize, Turin IT 2008; Scholarship Stiftung Kunstfonds Bonn, D; Honorary mention Digital Sparks Award 2008 D; Honorary mention CYNETart Award 2008, D 2007; Grant of the Land North Rhine-Westphalia for young artists D

Exhibitions (selection)

2011 Produced@, Edith-Russ-Haus, Oldenburg D

Life: Science version, Center for Contemporary Art WINZAVOD, Moscow RU

Kunstfrühling 2011, Bremen, D 2010; WeltWissen 300, Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin D

NODE 10 - Forum for digital arts, Kunstverein Frankfurt am Main D

META.MORF 2010 - New.Brave World!, Trøndelag Centre for Contemporary Art, NO

Space Inventions“, Künstlerhaus Wien AT

Sonic Acts XIII - The Poetics of Space, NiMK, Amsterdam NL

re-active platform, glasmoog, Cologne D

When Process becomes Paradigm, LABoral, Gijon ES Space Inventions, Künstlerhaus Wien AT

2009 Piemonte Share Festival 2009, Turin IT 

genau. mathematische Strategien und künstlerische Prozesse, Künstlerhaus Dortmund

Rechnender Raum, Kunstverein Bochum D 2008 

Electrohype 2008, Biennial for Computer based Art, Kunsthalle, Malmö SE 

CYNETart_08, Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden D 

Artbots 2008, Science Gallery, Dublin IRE 

Zur Zeit, Künstlerhaus Palais Thurn und Taxis, Bregenz AT 

2007 Lab30, Abraxas, Augsburg D 

Wolfgang von Kempelen. Mensch-[in der]-Maschine , ZKM Medienmuseum, Karlsruhe D 

Rechnender Raum, Moltkerei Werkstatt e.V., Köln D 

From Reality and Back, Mejan Labs, Stockholm SE 2006 NOWHERE #4, Melkweg Amsterdam, Amsterdam NL 

Zähler, Künstlerverein Malkasten, Düsseldorf D 2005 

Expanded Arts No. 2, Kunstverein, Gütersloh D 

Helden der Künste, EMAF, Osnabrück D

ARTUR HOLLING [1974 Breslau, Poland]; lives in Cologne and Frankfurt a.M.

Trained qualified IT specialist, studied Audiovisual Media at Academy of Media Arts Cologne, focussing on media arts, experimental video, reactive systems, photography. Key interests reflection on ritual patterns of behaviour applying techniques of framing and perspective shifting. Worked as free photographer. Artist scholarship of the Cusanuswerk. Lectureship for video at the Justus-Liebig-University Giessen, Institute

for Applied Theatre Studies.

Exhibitions (selection)

re-active platfrom: MOCA Studio Underground, Taipei, Taiwan, 2011 

Rundgang, Trinitatis Kirche, Academy of Media Arts Cologne, D 2011 

Der destruktive Charakter, Halle 9, Sporthochschule, Cologne, D 2010 

re-active platform: CAR, Essen, D 

re-active platform: glasmoog Cologne, D 

Feldstärke International: Essen and Paris 

Festival Temps d‘images: Tanzhaus NRW Duesseldorf, D 2009 

Vogelsang Intervention: Cologne/Schleiden, D 2008 

Feldstärke: Pact Zollverein Essen, D 

Internationale Photoszene: Cologne, D 2007 

XXX-Pilotin: Trinitatis Kirche Cologne and Frauenmuseum Bonn, D 

Strange Lovers: Cologne and Amsterdam 

Rettung ohne Untergang: Cologne, D 

Offene Ateliers: Cologne, D

KARIN LINGNAU [1971 Cologne, Germany]; lives and works in Cologne 

Studied Educational Sciences, Product Design (ZKM/HfG Karlsruhe, Design Academy Eindhoven). Postgraduate Studies in Media Arts (Academy of Media Arts Cologne). Artistic production in the areas of Installation, Computer Game und Sculpture. 2007 Founding of Avatar Magazin Publikationen Cologne. 2009 Founding Member of Paidia Institute.


2008 Honorary mention digital sparks 08 Gold award Danfoss Art Award, Nordborg 2007 Special award Paradoxien des Öffentlichen, artist of the year 2007, NRW Special award Hunt for This Century‘s Leonardo da Vinci, Osaka Honorary mention Transitio_MX, Centro Nacional de las Artes, Mexico City

Exhibitions (selection)

Platine, Cologne, D 2011

re-active platform, MOCA Studio Underground, Taipei, Taiwan 2011  

re-active platform, CAR, Essen, D 2010  

AMaze-Interact, CTM10, Berlin, D 

re-active platform, glasmoog, Cologne, D  

Heavy Matter, ISEA 2010, Dortmund, D 2009 

Vorgebirgspark Skulptur, Cologne 2009

play09, Creative Gaming Lab, Potsdam 2008 

Kölner Designpreis, Museum für angewandte Kunst Cologne, D 

Spielregeln, Kulturbunker, Cologne, D 

Spectropia, RIXC Media Space, Riga 

play08, Creative Gaming Lab, Potsdam, D 

Dislocate 08, Festival for Art, Technology and Locality, ZAIM, Tokyo 

Paradoxien des Öffentlichen, Lehmbruck-Museum Duisburg, D 

Trojan, Moltkerei Werkstatt, Cologne, D 

zur-Zeit-Köln, Künstlerhaus Palais Thurn und Taxis, Bregenz, A 

transmediale 08, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin II. 

Mobilefest International Seminar and Exhibition, Sao Paulo , Br 

a-m-b-e_r-festival, body process art, Istanbul 2007 

lab30, 6. augsburger kunstlabor, Augsburg 

Transitio_MX, Centro Nacional de las Artes, Mexico City 

Cybersonica07, Kinetica Museum, London 

SARoskop (with Martin Hesselmeier), Moltkerei Werkstatt, Cologne, D 

XXX-Pilotin, Trinitatiskirche, Cologne, D

re-active platform, initiated by Susanna Schoenberg in 2004, embodies concepts, works, tests and exchange between media artists and other art and technology competencies, that temporarily and repeatedly turned into site and condition themselves.

Since 2010 the collaborating artists are: Ralf Baecker, Artur Holling, Karin Lingnau, Luis Négron van Grieken, Ji Hyun Park, Susanna Schoenberg.

LUIS NEGRÓN VAN GRIEKEN [1974 Caracas, Venezuela]; lives in Cologne.

Studied at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne, Media Centre d’Art y Disenny Barcelona and Technical University of Ilmenau. Since 2000 using electronic media in fields like theater, music and visual arts. Artistic research is based on experimentation of processes in the realization of media electronic stage design, A/V concerts and installations. Actually working in the academic staff of the field of video / interactive media & scenography at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne.

Festivals and art centers participations (selected)

Metronom, gallery of experimental arts Barcelona, Spain 

Montevideo institute of media arts, Amsterdam NL 

Kunststation St. Peter, Cologne, D 

Kunstverein Bochum D

Kunsthalle Dusseldorf D 

State gallery bwa, Bielsko-Biala, Poland 

Roede Hud Amsterdam NL 

Heinehus Paris F 

EMAF, festival of media arts, Osnabruck D 

Altstadtherbst Dusseldorf, 

festival of music and theater sonar

festival for music and new media opening, 

festival for intermedia Trier D frischzelle

festival for music and media arts Cologne D 


festival for sound art Cologne D 


festival of electronic music and media. Malmö Sweden

Selected Video-performances

{ñ} oracle score for an empty page / tientos y lucientes / heines sklavenschiff / projectio lingua lux / dreamachines, everything is intertwingled / zoa /

Videoprojection for dance and theater, media stage design

hoffmann - animax multimedia-theater Bonn orpheus audio splatter - ballhaus ost theater Berlin schneekönigin - animax multimediatheater Bonn

JI HYUN PARK [1980 Daegu, Korea]; lives in Cologne

Studied at Kyungbook National University (2004 Bachelor of Agriculture and Bachelor of Arts) and in Media Arts at Academy of Media Arts Cologne.


re-active platform, MOCA Studio Underground, Taipei, Taiwan 2011 

re-active platform, CAR, Essen, D 2010

Heavy Matter, ISEA 2010, Dortmund, D

Ballroom at Art Cologne, Cologne, D 2010

re-active platform, glasmoog, Cologne, D 2010

Vogelsang Intervention, Schleiden, D 2009

Componen - PRAXIS, Cologne, D 2009

Plan08 (Cologne, D) Kompressor - Halle 15, Cologne, D 2008

The Linux Audio Conference 2008, Cologne, D

MinusEins, Cologne, D 2008

Altitude 07, Kunsthochschule fuer Medien, Cologne D 2007

Schwarz, Raumkalk, Cologne, D 2007

Pact-Zollverein, Essen, D 2006 

Schein Hain, Trinitatiskirche, Cologne, D 2006

Concerts, screenings, interventions

2011 Lab30 (Augsburg, D); 2009 Videonale 12 - Transmutation (Bonn, D); Off Topic #1: aufraeumen - Mikrotonale Landschaft (Cologne, D); 2009 returnable DATA (CAFA, Beijing, China); 2008 The Images Festival (Toronto, Canada); 2008 LOOP 08 (Barcelona, Spain); 2008 Internationale di Arte Urbana (San Sperate, I)

SUSANNA SCHOENBERG [1967 Faenza, Italy]; grew up in Bolzano/Bozen;

lived in Milan and Berlin; since 1999 in Cologne. 

Studies in social sciences (Milano) and cinematographic techniques (Milano); PHD in Sociology (Milano); post-graduated studies in Media Arts at the Academy for Media Arts Cologne. Artistic production since 1990 mainly in the fields video, photography, installation and performance; since 2002 producing also as arte-e-parte; founder member of the german media art magazine offtopic; 2004-2011 assistant professor at Academy for Media Arts Cologne, in charge for multimedia & performance; founder member of Paidia Institute Cologne.

techniques&artefacts -- media oriented arts; computer supported installations; experimental video; documentary; photography; performance;

Exhibitions, screenings, festivals, workshops (selection)

returnable 20II, intervention for Noarte, Paese Museo, San Sperate, I 2011

re-active platform, MOCA Studio Underground, Taipei, Taiwan 2011

Weather Tunnel, translife, National Art Museum Of China, Beijing 2011 

Padiglione Italia nel Mondo, Biennale di Venezia (Venice, I) and Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Cologne, D

methodologies, workshop @ Intermedia School of Arts, Hangzhou, China 2011

backlash, Raummusik concerts and performances, alte Feuerwache, Cologne, D 2010

re-active platform, CAR, Essen, D 2010

re-active platform, glasmoog, Cologne, D 2010

returnable, workshop @ Paese Museo, San Sperate, I 2010

Futurismus und so, Raummusik concerts and performances, Kunstwerk, Cologne, D 2009

returnable, workshop @ CAFA Beijing, China 2009

 Staged Materials, Huan Tie Art District, Beijing, China 2008

deTOUR, galerie BUK, Leipzig, D 2008

 Rencontres Internationales, Berlin, Madrid 2007; Paris, 2006

 Japan Media Arts Festival & Festival Exhibition, Tokyo, J 2006

Vidéothèque Éphémère du Festival VIDEOFORMES, Clermont-Ferrand, F 2006

<<restricted view>>, reinraum, Duesseldorf, D 2006

 expanded arts no.2, Kunstverein Kreis Guetersloh, D 2005

nepdoc, Reutlingen, D 2005

 tECNICHEmISTE, Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Cologne 2004 

Festival International de Films de Femmes, Creteil, F 2004

tekfestival, Roma, I 2004

goandstop, European Media Art Festival, Osnabrueck, D 2003

Torino Film Festival, Torino, I 2003

portraits (in time), Taiwan International Visual Center, Taipei, Taiwan 2003


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